Swimwear for Women, Men, Kids

Thalassotherapy, Spa, Swimming, Swimming Pool … quality swimwear for all uses!

Discover our swimwear brands Gino Lapis, and Fashy Westbay. Find the key swimsuits.
For over 20 years, Wimex-Europe offers swimsuits for competition, swimming and water sports.
Strenght: a wide selection of swimwear for men

eco-textileSwimwear proposed by Wimex Europe have the label ‘Confidence in Textiles’ pledge of responsible production policy, security and transparency. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate guarantees the total absence of harmful substances in products.

maillot de bain  Swimwear Women

A wide selection of swimwear models:
Woman, Girl and also Plus Sizes.
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maillot de bain Swimwear Men

An outstanding selection of Men swimwear:
Shorts, boxer or swimsuit for the pool, training and competition..
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maillot de bain Swimwear Adolescents and Teenagers Fashion

Surf teenager, swimmers will enjoy the fashion models in the new Westbay collection.
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maillot de bain Swimwear Children

You will love the colorful patterns of this fashion tailored to each age.
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Tel: +33 (0) 4 42 24 30 00 -or- Contact Us here