Swimming Goggles

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Wimex-Europe offers more than 30 models of swimming goggles for women, men, teens, children.
Standard and Competition swimming shoes and also … with corrective lenses

Standard and Competition swimming goggles

. Our high quality swimming goggles, hypoallergenic offer great comfort: fog and UVA / UVB 100%, easy to handle attachments,
wide vision.
. Professional swimmers enjoy the adaptable nose bridge and the mirror effect in the summer.
. With swimming goggles with corrective lenses, all those with myopia, will finally see more clearly under water!

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Diving Masks

Our masks allow a broader vision and flexible materials offer great comfort of use while maintaining a perfect seal. Top athletes and enthusiasts will delight in the collection of Wimex Europe.
. Swim fins and high quality snorkels will perfect the equipment for a great nautical pleasure!

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Swim Training Accessories

Nose clip, ear plugs, goggles, rings to the pool.
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