Aqua Aerobics

Items adapted to Aqua Aerobics, Aquabike and Aquafitness Belts, Pool Noodles, Barbells

The Aqua Aerobics is moment of considerable relaxation in swimming pool.
Numerous accessories come to maximize the benefits of this sports activity.

For more than 20 years, Wimex-Europe proposes a wide range of accessories of Aquasport for the activity of swimming of the professionals and the water-based recreations.

bain  Aquatic belts

Very resistant aquatic belts and of ergonomic form, our belts exist in several sizes.
They have a band of safety and are endowed with a secure system of fixation.

bain  Aqua Aerobics Dumbells and Aqua Running Sticks

Aqua Aerobic Dumbells offer a stronger resistance to the water and intensify the effort. They request coordination.
The Aqua Running Sticks, inspired by the Nordic walking, propose a variant in the effort of endurance while protecting the joints.

bain  Leg floats

For a therapeutic use or for a muscular strengthening.
Ideal for the aquajogging or the aquafitness.

bain  Aqua Aerobics Gloves

Ideal accessory for the swimmers and for Aqua Aerobics, which increases the resistance in the water and intensifies the effort.

bain Pool Noddles various colors

Inevitable for the Aqua Aerobics!
Very resistant foam, our Pool Noddles answer the European standards.
Accessories allow to fix between them.

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