The Company Wimex-Europe

Since 1992, Wimex Europe has established a climate of confidence with its customers.
The company was created to distribute the products of the German company Fashy, in France, and has grown steadily.

> The product line

Wimex Europe’s originality is based on its specialisation in the distribution of a comprehensive range of products for use in water : bathing caps, sandals, shoes, swimwear, swimming goggles, etc.
Overall, more than 1,200 different items are offered each year, which means Wimex Europe can offer an exceptional selection.

> Strengths

Service and Quality : Wimex Europe continually works to provide its customers with real service and know-how. By adapting and working with its customers new ideas have emerged. For example, a few years ago the concept of customised swimmingpool shoes was born. We continue to work on softer, more comfortable materials while continuing to meet European standards; a real work of collaboration and quality.

> Growth

Wimex Europe’s customer presence and its wide range of products have enabled it to build on its repeated success, which now extends beyond the borders into southern Europe.

> Customers

Wimex Europe’s customers include boutiques, sports stores, mail order firms, department stores and the largest spas and thalassotherapy centres in France and abroad.

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